John Kelly

3 months and bad pr

(Seriously, click here to see FAU’s official photos of Kelly.)


By Michael Koretzky

Today marks the three-month anniversary of John Kelly as FAU president. A few weeks ago, the Sun Sentinel interviewed him Q&A-style, asking such questions as, “If you had the chance to take a class at FAU, what would it be?”

(He said “art history or anthropology.” Let’s hope he enrolls, so he realizes just how hard it is to get the classes you need to graduate on time.)

Among his answers was this…

“FAU is a fantastic university. It is strong, and it could have a greater presence on the national stage in a short period of time.”

Coincidentally, FAU indeed made national news 48 hours later…



…which was also covered from The Washington Times to Wisconsin Gazette. So Kelly should be careful what he wishes for.

He became FAU’s seventh president after the sixth one, Mary Jane Saunders, was forced to resign – for failing to deftly handle bad national press. Remember this?



And this?



Maybe Kelly should forget art history and anthropology and sign up for a PR class.

UP staffers: This is opinion with a news peg, wrapped in curated video. It’s a valid way to do online reporting, as long as it’s labeled what it is, and as long as it’s not the only thing you do. (Because too much snark is like too much salt.)


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